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100% Unrefined Batana Oil 4 oz

100% Unrefined Batana Oil 4 oz

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Revitalized Hair Growth & Strength - Experience the power of Batana oil as it invigorates hair follicles, accelerating hair growth, while improving your hair's strength giving you fuller, thicker hair

Elevate Your Hair's Texture & Natural Shine - Embrace a world of refined hair texture and silky smoothness that enhances the allure of your tresses, leaving it looking healthy and vibrant 

Extreme Hydration & Reduced Split Ends - Batana oil provides deep hydration to both the scalp and hair, to combat dryness and frizz while reducing split ends, promoting healthier-looking hair

Protects & Enhances Hair Color - Batana oil forms a protective barrier around the hair strands and enhances the natural color of your hair, adding richness and vibrancy

Batana Oil for Hair Growth Dr Sebi - Dr. Sebi who was famous for holistic health, believed Batana oil could aid hair growth and combat hair loss when incorporated into your health regimen
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